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4th Colloquium on Architectural Theory at the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

ORDER (Orders of columns): Ordonner, ordonnancer

[Deutsche Fassung / Einführungstext von Werner Oechslin (auf Deutsch)] 

Deadline: 3. Oktober 2014



Call for Papers

ORDER (Orders of  columns) – Ordonner, ordonnancer / 

ORDNUNG (Säulenordnung) – Ordonner, ordonnancer /


Vignola’s Regola, in which for the first time the classical column orders were placed in a coherent system of an all-encompassing order, was long considered the primer of architecture, and was also the bone of contention when it was believed history had been overcome in the name of modernity.  Le Corbusier acknowledged this later with the exclamation: “Et Vignole – enfin – est foutu! Merci! Victoire.”  For him the “ordonnancer” had long taken the place of the column orders: man makes himself his own order, particularly in architecture.  It is the epitome of cultural achievement.  In so doing, only the outer form changed; what remains the same is the understanding that some kind of principles are necessary to provide architecture its legitimacy or even its “permanence.”  Our interest therefore must focus fundamentally on the question of system and order in the theory of architecture.

The colloquium addresses architectural historians, architects, art historians, historians of science and wants to bring together well-established researchers in the field with young scholars from different countries.

To save as much time as possible for lively discussions, the presentations should not be longer than 20 minutes.

Languages: German, English, French, Italian; a passive understanding of German is expected.

Conditions: The Foundation organises and pays hotel and (in parts) meals for the presenting guests. Travel expanses can not be paid.

Please send in your proposal with a short abstract until October 3, 2014 to:

A German introduction by Werner Oechslin may be found here.