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Invitation and Program

There is hardly an age in which architecture has been more published, discussed and debated than our own. In the public debate, however, it is not per se the buildings that surround us that vouch for themselves. Their legitimacy is formulated by various interest groups, such as firms or clients, journalists or historians, each of whom pursues their own interests. In doing so the focus of interest no longer lies in the object and its complexity, but rather in the most effective medialization of the associated contents that lend themselves best to such a treatment. As comprehensive as this external viewpoint of architecture can be, so little it considers the meaning of architecture as a discipline with its own rules and skills. Despite its principal importance for architects, the intrinsic question of what constitutes architecture is more open today than ever before.

The one-day seminar aims to confront – based on concrete architectural projects – how architecture can be conceived, designed and built, and what its determining framework and its reference points are. The individual participants should present a project that is currently in the process of design or has been submitted for competition, and put it up for debate.

In order to foster a fundamental and open discussion between the participants, the presentations will not be made before a general public. They are intended to enable a dialogue in the original sense of the word, to allow questions to be collectively discussed and insights to be mutually exchanged.


  • Antón García-Abril [Ensamble Studio]; 
  • François Charbonnet / Patrick Heiz [Made In]; 
  • Momoyo Kaijima / Yoshiharu Tsukamoto [Atelier Bow Wow]; 
  • Christian Kerez; Wilfried Kuehn [Kuehn Malvezzi]

Laurent Stalder, February 21, 2012


Thursday 7 June 2012

18.30: reception in the Oechslin Library 20.00: dinner

Friday 8 June 2012

  • 09.30 – 12.30: presentations + debate 
  • 12.30: lunch
  • 14.00-18.30: presentations + debate 
  • 18.30: concluding debate, resolutions, etc. 
  • 20.00: dinner

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Participants individual depart