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at the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation

The Werner Oechslin Library Foundation regularly hosts conferences and organizes the following events:

International Baroque Summer Courses

Einsiedeln with its abbey, one of the most important Baroque ensembles in Switzerland, is doubtless a most suitable venue for Baroque studies.  Since 2000 an annual five-day study course has taken place each summer, particularly dedicated to fostering exchange and interaction between emerging and established scholars, and thereby dealing with a framing topic (such as “Baroque and Modern,” “Migration,” “Baroque and Gothic,” “Baroque and Movement,” and others).  The Baroque is thus treated as a model for problems of interconnectivity and complexity.  The intended approach, confronting history and theory with interdisciplinary contemporary modes of investigation, aims to guide participants to new scholarly insights and understandings. 

Architectural Conversations

At regular intervals the library organizes conversations relating to current yet fundamental themes in architecture with prominent international participants.  The “conversation” stands for intensive exchange in which experience and spontaneous expression are just as important as the attempt to formulate solutions for the problems of contemporary architecture.

Architectural Theory

Since 2012, the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation organizes colloquia dedicated to the study of architectural theory, beginning with Vitruvius's text from Antiquity and extending into modernity. 

Conferences / Symposia

The orientation of the Werner Oechslin Library toward cultural history and the humanities has become increasingly tangible in conferences and symposia held since its opening in 2006.  After events dedicated to Piero della Francesca, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, Ruskin, Viollet-le Duc and Semper held already before the official inauguration, further events have since taken place in the library, to some extent in cooperation with other institutions.  A particular advantage of this venue is that the individual research findings can be checked directly with the available primary sources.

Other Events

The reading room of the library is available for scientific and cultural events. For details, please contact

Architects in Dialogue

Since 2013 the Foundation, together with the Chair of Architectural Theory at the ETH Zurich, Prof. Laurent Stalder, organizes talks between architects, researchers, critics and students about questions and problems of contemporary architecture  and their possible solutions.